Travis Kelce Shaved His Beard And Everyone Is Grossed Out

A cautionary tale here for all the men who think they don’t need to hide behind even a small, scruffy beard to pass as an attractive white man with swag: you do.

Travis Kelce was often considered one of the more good looking players in the NFL, until he debuted his new clean shaven look at Chiefs training camp and the internet collectively gasped in horror.

Seeing football players in August is an unnatural thing in general. Having to practice a full contact sport outside in 90+ degree temperatures is nightmare fuel for any offensive lineman, but especially for players with extensive facial hair. I can see the thought process behind starting the season freshly shaven, only to hopefully grow into a playoff beard come January. Julian Edelman did it for like 10 years.

Unfortunately for Travis Kelce, he doesn’t have quite the bone structure to pull it off. There once was a segment of Tik Tok dedicated to girls swooning over Travis. Previously even a full blown reality show where women competed to be his girlfriend. This is the Travis we all knew to grow and love, which seems like a fleeting memory now.

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NFL star Travis Kelce puzzles fans with pronunciation of last name

I’m not sure if you can actually come back from a photo like the one spreading like wildfire today. Once women everywhere see you in this light, it’s hard to erase from your memory.

We must all unite behind Travis’ girlfriend Kayla Nicole who has to bear the burden of standing by Travis during such a difficult time. Thoughts and prayers are with her.


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