Mugshot Monday: Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman!!

Happy Mugshot Monday to you all!  We are BACK and today we focus on… Not a celebrity, not someone you will recognize but someone that has an absolutely FIRE mugshot and tattoo.

Carlos Gazca is the man featured in today’s Mugshot Monday.  He was suspected in Bakersfield on robbery charges that were later dropped because of a case of misidentification.  (Wait until you see his face tattoo, how one would misidentify him blows my mind.)

FOX News ““I’m being framed, wrongfully accused of a crime I didn’t commit in the town of Bakersfield,” he said, adding that he moved to Arkansas after he was released from prison in January.”

Carlos had done time in prison for battery, burglary and grand theft, which is the mugshot featured today.  And it is perfect because he looks like a character you would make as your player if you could in Grand Theft Auto.

Without further ado… Mr. Mugshot himself, JUMPMAN!

I mean that is just a work of art.  That look like CEO Joe’s 3 year old daughter drew the jumpman with a crayon and it never washed off.

Ball so hard bro.

If you are MJ do you immediately hate or does some part of him absolutely love it?

Bravo Carlos…







Is that…



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