“Don’t F*cking Touch Me!” -Max Scherzer To Dave Roberts

I think we all know what kind of competitor Max Scherzer is.  People in Philadelphia especially going against him for years when he was pitching for the Washington Nationals.  I have also heard that he is a bit of an “odd guy.”  But, this latest story about Scherzer is just pure gold.

Apparently Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave Scherzer some encouragement recently by giving him a little pat on the butt during a game, aaaaaaaaaand Max wasn’t too happy about it.  “Don’t fucking touch me.” is what Max said to his manager, and Roberts talked about it during an in game interview on ESPN.

Just amazing.

SI “According to Roberts, Scherzer replied, “Yeah, and I gave you the most tempered, most respectful way I could say it because this is my job. I don’t need any kind of congratulations or support, because that’s my job.”

I’m not sure if I love or hate that.  I LOVE his competitiveness and the fact that he doesn’t need a cookie for doing his job.  But, at the same time it’s the manager’s job to encourage his guys and the old pat on the bottom is as old as time.

I think we can all agree..
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