Bill Belichick Tells Zach Ertz He’s Tried To Trade For Him But Howie Wants Too Much

It’s shocking to me that Ertz is still on this team. After how everything ended last season I thought he’d be moved even if it meant getting pennies on the dollar. But apparently Howie has different plans.

This makes a lot of sense actually. Howie wants two first round picks for Ertz, he simply isn’t going to get that in a deal where the entire league knows that you can’t afford him. Not saying you just give him away but if you can’t pay him, you can’t let him walk. 2 first round picks is a lot, especially for a tightend. I like to think this move is a chess not checkers play by Belichick. Tell Ertz he wants to trade for him, clearly Ertz doesn’t hate the idea. And hope that he goes to the Eagles front office and complains/causes an issue until they deal him. Would be the perfect Bill move.

The whole situation is weird and it’s made weirder by the fact that they just won’t honestly address it. I don’t see Zach finishing the season with Philadelphia but at this rate, who knows.

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