Tyrese Maxey Snatches His Dad’s Ankles At Hometown Basketball Summer Camp

The 2020 first round pick Tyrese Maxey has started the off-season with a bang. He has been dominate in Summer League play, and has been killing it in the gym training for the 2021-2022 season.

Tyrese Maxey missed yesterday’s game to be present at a basketball camp in his hometown, and he and his father showed out. Matter of fact, Tyrese Maxey actually crossed up his father and had all of the campers go insane

This kid is just everything this city loves their players to be. Maxey is a fun, hardworking, and tenacious player who will do anything it takes to win a championship. I pray Morey finds a way for him to be apart of this team for the future. He has the makings of a star point guard in this league.

Photo Creds: Coach Adam’s Twitter https://twitter.com/coachadams222/status/1426566703245299712?s=21

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