All BYU Football Walk-Ons Have Their Tuition Paid For by Built Brands

All 123 members of BYU’s football team now have an endorsement deal with Built Brands. Built is a popular protein bar company founded in 2018. All scholarship players will receive $1,000 for representing the business. The payment for the 36 non-scholarship players is a bit different. Each walk-on will earn whatever their tuition is. Technically the walk-ons can spend the money any way they choose because it will be paid directly to them, but it seems they will be spending it on their schooling.

The new NIL policy is new for every program. There is no doubt that it can create new problems considering “pay for play” is still illegal in the realm of collegiate athletics. This however is one of the stories that showcase why the NIL is long overdue. Walk-ons are the unsung heroes of College Football. They are the unnoticed special team players, the practice squad, and the teammates who put on the uniform without any financial benefit. Busting their rear ends every day in the hopes of getting a scholarship but also realizing may it never happen. Programs do not function as smoothly without them, and it is about time they start seeing the benefits of providing for a multi-million dollar operation.


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