Two Guys To Watch Closely During Tonight’s Eagles Game

Football is back baby!!! We made it! Only a few short weeks away from real games and everything being right with the world again. But even though tonight is just a preseason game, we’re still getting hyped and also looking out for a few players. There are two guys in particular that I am really excited to watch tonight and see what they do. Outside of the obvious, Jalen Hurts and really the number one person we’re watching is the head coach. These are the top guys I am going to be keeping an eye on tonight.

  1. Josh Sweat: He has been dominating training camp so far and even last season showed he has what it takes to ball at the NFL level. Interested to see who starts between him and Barnett. And even though snaps for Sweat will be limited, I’m excited to see him get live action tonight and hopefully prep for a breakout season.

2. Zech McPhearson: Eagles 4th round cornerback who has also been playing really well in training camp so far. Confidence is huge especially when you are trying to get playing time behind guys like Slay and Nelson. Seeing what he is able to do in live game action will be a true test for him. My fear is he will try to hard to make a big play and get caught out of coverage tonight but fingers crossed I’m wrong. Either way he should be a very entertaining watch during the game.

Enjoy the return of football and remember. Always bet those preseason unders.

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