The Patriots Have Found The New Future Of The Franchise And It’s Not Mac Jones

After watching Tom Brady at the helm of the Patriots organization for the last 20 years, it’s undoubtable that his shoes are almost impossible to fill in New England. Bill Belichick can certainly lead a team, but he really needs a pretty face to take the heat off of him when fans in Brockton start getting sick of 3 straight Sony Michel runs.

You can’t say they haven’t been trying though. Cam Newton is so fucking cool and fun to root for even if he can’t complete a 5 yard screen. Picking a QB in the first round of the draft, Mac Jones has just enough potential that Patriots Twitter may force Bill’s hand in starting a rookie QB in an actual football game.

Despite all of that, it still isn’t enough to carry a spoiled and impatient fanbase through the post-Brady years. Yet in the weeks leading up to the first preseason game of the 2021-2022 NFL season, a new suitor has emerged to lead us back into the promised land.

On a familiar path from Michigan to New England, Quinn Nordin has every single quality required to be an instant Patriots Hall of Famer.

A month ago Quinn resorted to a low of using LinkedIn as a professional resource. Now the Patriots ProShop is rushing to re-stitch those Gostkowski jerseys so they can sell millions of dollars of Nordin merch.

While radio stations and troll Twitter accounts criticized Bill Belichick for not attending more pro days, I would not be surprised if Bill was just sleeping on a cot in his office watching Michigan special teams tape. No one has a better eye for talent off the street and turning that into a transcendent football career more than Belichick.

After reading this single tweet from Mike Reiss, I’m ready to give Quinn Nordin his red jacket. He just has it. And mostly by “it” I mean an unwavering ability to kick field goals. Nordin could be out power washing your deck, but I’m so thankful he found his way to us.

The one two special teams punch of Jake Bailey and Quinn Nordin is enough to make way more than just Rex Ryan horny.

These are two players to start building a new dynasty around. Super Bowl is officially back on here in New England, and I for one can’t wait to watch Quinn Nordin raise that Lombardi on a duck boat.


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