The Warriors Have A New Rookie Who Has Been Named “Kum Bucket”

For Golden State Warriors rookie Jonathan Kuminga, he likely went 14 years of his life without a 2nd thought to any sick puns that could be made with his last name. The moment he moves here, Americans immediately dub him “Kum Bucket.”

For the Warriors to make a full comeback, we are going to need to see a combination of Kum Bucket and the Splash Brothers. You wanna sell tshirts? Get those 3 on the court together at the same time.

I need to hear Mike Breen’s call of a Kum Bucket and 1. The Warriors might regret dishing out $200 mill to Steph Curry when they see the type of star power the Kum Bucket brings to the table.

All I know is somewhere Klay Thompson is furious at this nickname, unable to fathom how there’s someone out there called Kum Bucket and it’s not him.


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October 18, 2022 2:20 pm

[…] Not to mention that he had his moments defensively, too. In short, expect big things from the Kum bucket this […]