Breaking Down Natalie Egenolf’s Awful Night Of Tweeting

Yesterday was a tough day for the duo of Tyrone Johnson and Natalie Egenolf on the old twitter machine. First you had Tyrone going bananas on an Eagles security guard and pulling the ultimate ‘do you know who I am?’

Like 97% of people, the security guard apparently did not. He took to Twitter to defend the out burst and even said he talk about it today on the Mikey Miss show. Since then he has said he won’t be talking about it and deleted the tweet. Feels like maybe the PR team was able to finally get him on the phone. Give him such much needed perspective.

But then hours later, out from the clouds Natalie drops this tweet.

Before we get into this let me share a theory I have. Nat and Tyrone used to work together before she left 97.5. I have a working theory that Nat saw that Tyrone was getting dragged, and rightfully so, Tyrone’s tweet was ridiculous and boarder line threatening. Trying to get your followers to harass someone woman for doing her job is such a scumbag move but what do you expect from the guy. My theory though is Nat saw this and tossed out this junk tweet to take some heat off. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

Why in the world would you try to make the case that if you don’t live in the city limits you can’t be a fan of that city’s sports teams? What type of bullshit gate keeping is that nonsense? But don’t worry everyone, she didn’t mean if you live outside of the city you can’t be a fan even though that’s exactly what her tweet says. She meant this instead:

Ooooohhhhhh that makes more sense. If you root for a city’s sports teams and you don’t live downtown than you can’t have a negative opinion about the city. That makes total sense.

If you’re wondering, ‘well what does this have to do with Philly sports’ at all, than you’re dumber than Sierra. It’s crystal clear. If you don’t live in Philly and have opinions about the city how dare you use the hashtag #RingTheBell.*

*He says with heavy sarcasm

This was an all time bad take/tweet/thought. What I think happened here is Nat made the first dumb nonsensical tweet, realized it was stupid and tried to talk her way out of it. Unfortunately put herself in a corner with no logical way out.

Overall tough day for the crew and even though Tyrone said he won’t be addressing it today, I think Mike will. No way he passes on the opportunity to shit on people especially when it involves his current and former coworkers. Aka check back later because I can almost guarantee there will be a sound bite today that will be crazier than these tweets some how.

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