Former Phillies Slugger Working Out at Tight End For Patriots

Coming up through the minor league ranks in 2016, Dylan Cozens and Rhys Hoskins were the “bash brothers” stealing the show in Reading. They combined to lead the minor leagues in home runs and seem destined to be crushing bombs at Citizens Bank Park soon enough.
Hoskins has done so and become one the faces of this current Phillies era. Cozens stint in the bug leagues was merely more than a cup of coffee. He was released by the Phillies in 2019 and announced a month ago he was retiring from baseball, to focus on football.
Well now Cozens shot in his revitalized career may have arrived. The Patriots announced this week they were bringing the former outfielder turned tight end in for a workout.
Genuinely hope it works out for Cozens in the NFL. It can’t be easy to make a transition like this into a sport you stopped playing, and then dive right into the NFL. It also seems like a move the Patriots would pull off.
You can see it coming: they take this clean-up hitter, turn him into the prototypical blocking tight end who plays special teams, and he becomes a glue guy on a good football team. It’s so Patriots it hurts.
But, hard not to be rooting for Dylan Cozens to make an NFL roster.
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