Enough With NBC Shoving Peacock Down Our Throats!

I have been locked in on the Olympics that last two weeks.  I know some people love and some people could care less about them, but I am someone who loves them.  I swam growing up so I am always all in on the swimming.  And, I just love sports and competition… Especially when it involves me getting to watch USA smack the shit out of another country in anything, even shot-put!

HOWEVER… It has been so hard to be able to watch some events, and some big ones.  Like, I don’t know… TEAM USA BASKETBALL?  Instead of putting some of the best basketball players on the planet on NBC they have been throwing the games on Peacock…

…Which if you don’t know is NBC’s paid subscription streaming platform.  Who the hell in the right mind is going to pay a subscription to watch a few basketball games?  I’m sorry that your shitty platform isn’t doing well NBC because no one wants to pay to watch Friends when the show plays 24/7 on TBS… So you are trying to make up money by now putting sports on there.

That annoyed me somewhat.

But now they are trying to mess with my football.

It’s one thing if I can’t watch an Olympic handball game…

But football?  And, MY Notre Dame Fighting Irish for that matter…

I mean… Get the fuck out of here.

Notre Dame opens this season on the road in prime time at Florida State.  Then, they head to South Bend for their home opener against Toldeo and the only way to watch that game is on PEACOCK?!

So for me to watch the NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH… Arguably the most popular college football team in all the land, I need to buy a subscription and STREAM IT ONLINE…

Enough is enough.  I am all for evolution, I am all for change.  Hell, I love that I can order something on Amazon and a fuckin’ drone might drop it off at my house in 27 minutes.  I love that zillionaires are heading to space.  Email over snailmail? ABSOLUTELY.  So don’t call me old or a Boomer, this isn’t what this is about.

This is about the simple fact of the man trying to take away the joy of the fall from me.  The man trying to kill my Saturday by saying… Oh you wanna watch your beloved Irish play today?  That’ll be $9.99, for something you’ll use this one time.  Then get yelled at by my wife for spending money and telling me to cancel it, then i continue to forget to cancel it month after month until I’ve paid NBC $850 for watching Notre Dame beat fucking Toldeo by 37 points.

Yes, every other ND home game will be on network NBC this season, so this really isn’t that big of a deal.  But what’s next if we don’t stop this madness now?  The SEC Championship game will be pay per view and the National Championship and on and on?

Leave our god damn football alone and let us watch it the American way…



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