Something Big Is Happening With Bradley Beal

A lot of cryptic tweets on the time line during NBA free agency. And now Bradley Beal has entered the chat. It hasn’t been a secret that Beal isn’t happy with Washington and wants to play for a winner. And now, this:

See this and think, ok, trade coming. Beal is on his way out. But then I saw this and now I’m nervous.

Clearly something big is coming but the ‘wow’ makes me feel like it’s something unexpected. Which is why I’m nervous. The Sixers seemed to be on the Beal shirt list. So if he gets moved and the response is ‘wow’ that tells me that the Sixers probably aren’t going to be the team. The only other thing that would make me think surprising would be if he somehow ended up on the Lakers, Heat or Bulls. Those teams seem to be signing everyone and if they added Beal it would certainly be shocking.

Fingers crossed Sixers finally get the guy.

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