Potential Danny Green Sign & Trade Deals

If this off-season has been anything, it’s been underwhelming. Resigning Furkan Korkmaz to a 3 year 15 million dollar deal, signing Andre Drummond and Georges Niang to one year deals, while losing Dwight Howard to the Lakers doesn’t necessarily scream NBA Final potential.

Signing Niang put us in a position where it guaranteed Danny Green would not be back in a Sixers uniform. With that being the case, Daryl Morey and the Sixers are in a position to just lose Danny Green in free agency, or work out the new popular strategy, which is a sign & trade. Below will be some S&T options the Sixers should explore.

Chicago: Danny Green & Anthony Tolliver

Sixers: Lauri Markkanen 


This trade essentially would be a double S&T. Chicago gets a savvy vet who still is a good defender and an above average 3 point shooter. Philadelphia gets a young stretch PF who can play inside and out, which would work wonders with Joel Embiid. This type of deal works for both teams and a deal that could potentially come true seeing both players will not return to either team.

Cleveland: Danny Green

Philadelphia: Larry Nance Jr.

To me this is as realistic as a S&T deal that may happen with Danny Green. The Sixers have had interest in Larry Nance Jr the past two trade deadlines, it only makes sense to explore a trade for him again.

Nance Jr gives the Sixers a true back up PF who can come in an give you 20-25 mpg who can score 8-10 ppg along with 6-7 rpg and brings athleticism and toughness to a team that desperately needs it. I am all for getting this type of return for Green who is said to be walking away any ways.

Milwaukee: Danny Green & Paul Reed

Philadelphia: Donte DiVincenzo & Justin Jackson 

I haven’t heard any rumors surrounding the return on a Danny Green S&T with Milwaukee, but it’s been said the 3 time champion is interested in joining Mike Budz and the Bucks and the feeling is mutual.

If these rumors are true, DiVincenzo is a perfect return piece for the Sixers. Villanova’s own DiVincenzo returns home and gives the Sixers a much needed 6th man bench piece who is an instant upgrade to Shake Milton. Once again, Danny Green is leaving Philadelphia, you might as well get something worth it in return and I feel DiVincenzo would be a matched made in heaven with this city and team. Instant fan favorite.

I am not a verified source nor do I pretend to be on when it comes to the Sixers, but these are some S&T options that make sense for both teams and I would not make seeing.




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