Angelo Cataldi Tries To Corner Jalen Hurts. Doesn’t Go As Planned

Angelo is the worst. Let’s just get that out there. He is just a caricature at this point. His entire shtick is to appeal to the old, doom and gloom Philly sports fans that just love to hate everything. So when he interviewed Jalen Hurts he tried to get a sound bite out of him but Jalen didn’t fall for it.

That’s my QB1 right there. See, if you don’t know Angelo you might think, ‘that seems like a meaningless question.’ Wrong. What he is trying to do is get him to say he’s rather run so he can drag him day in and day out that he’s just a running quarterback that can’t pass. It‘s such a Busch league way to do things but hey, that’s WIP for ya.

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