What Are The Sixers Options For Simmons After Day One Of FA?

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After day one of free agency Ben Simmons is still on this Sixers roster. We’ve been told they’re in no rush to deal him, on draft night we were told a deal is happening tonight and yet here we are. I’m in the camp of he will be moved before the season starts and it won’t be for a massive name like some Sixer fans are hoping ie Dame, Beal.

All viable options seem to be getting picked up quickly. Russ and CP3, were never real options but their new teams could’ve been (less so the Suns). Shai was a name that surfaced as a possible trade target and he just signed a big extension with OKC so that seems like a dead route. Lowry is going to Miami. A lot of fan favorite options are out of the question at this point.

This is going to end up being a multi team deal but the longer we wait the smaller the market for Ben gets. Some teams can’t trade for him including some who may have been very interested.

Sixers go from trading Ben on draft night to supposedly wanting to keep him. Apparently they prefer it now. At least that’s what Ramona Shelbourne says. Two trustworthy sources, Ramona and Daryl Morey.

Once he gets traded, like I said, it’ll be a few teams so it’s tough to say what the return will be. If you’re a Sixers fan your team will be getting worse in talent but hopefully the team overall will improve.

I think you’re looking at McCollum or Buddy Hield and maybe a few lower end players to fill out the roster. McCollum will cost more but he’s better. I think the hold up is finding a third team who’s just here to take on money.

I stand by what I’ve been saying. Simmons will be traded.

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