Olympic Handball Is Electric

So last night as I was watching the USA basketball game against Spain I was flipping through during halftime an came across something. Olympic Handball…

Holy sweet mother of Jesus this was the most electric thing I could’ve turned on at 130 in the morning. It was a quarterfinal game between Spain and Sweden. I turned it on with like 10 minutes left in the game and it was incredible. 

Spain was trailing and they stormed back to take down the Swedes for the first time in history at the olympics in Handball. The announcer was going crazy he was clearly a soccer announcer with how into it he was getting. 

The thing that stood out the most to me was the gameplay though. We used to play handball in gym growing up and it was literally just like this just with a bunch of grown men. Guys were being thrown down, pushing, shoving, and everything in between. 

I have so many questions after watching that game last night. First and foremost does the US have a handball team and how the hell do I get involved and become an Olympian. I will be making sure from here on out I’m watching the rest of these handball games because it was high quality TV.

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