I’m Already Over Ben Simmons Shooting Videos


Here we fucking go…After completely shitting the bed in the playoffs in what was probably the most frustrating thing to watch in recent years, we officially have our first Ben Simmons Shooting video of the summer.

I did everything I could to support Ben last year and I was really hoping for him I thought he was gonna figure it out and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now, he is already starting his shit posting videos of him shooting the ball against some no name dude in an empty gym.

FUCK OFF BEN. Like bro take a jump shot during a game for once in your life and don’t play like a scared little bitch. Once you do that then you can start posting your dumbass shooting jump shots in an empty gym.

It’s not gonna happen but I want nothing more than for the Sixers to trade Simmons at this point. Get this bum off my team and bring in someone who isn’t afraid to shoot the ball and won’t pass up an open lay-up from two feet away from the rim.

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