Nick Foles Is Actively Trying To Get Traded To The Colts

Carson Wentz goes down yesterday and now we are looking at 5-12 weeks until he returns. Big time screws the Eagles out of a first round pick because of course it does. Why not right. So the Colts will need a replacement, someone that can step in for Wentz. I see a bunch of jokes being made about Foles and then I was shocked to see this quote.

If that’s not a guy trying to get on another team I don’t know what is. Basically said, yeah I haven’t talked to him much but not would I love to. Imagine if Foles gets traded to Indy, goes like 4-1 and steals Carson’s job. That would be such a tasty treat. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself I’d be so happy.

This is why the NFL is king. We’re barely into training camp and we’ve got QB controversy. FEED ME.

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