Kyle Kuzma’s Car Was Stolen And Promptly Involved In A High Speed Police Chase Injuring A Police Officer

It’s been a tough week for Kyle Kuzma, getting traded from the Lakers and moving into obscurity as no longer one of Lebrons minions.

I’m sure being with Winnie Harlow might soften the blow.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Kuzma’s Chevy Tahoe SUV was stolen somewhere in Hollywood and eventually became involved in a police pursuit around 1:30 AM early Sunday morning. The chase, we’re told, ended with the suspect hitting a cop car, and sending an officer to the hospital with minor injuries.

TMZ also assures that Kuz had nothing to do with it and didn’t even learn the car was missing until sometime Sunday. It’s unclear if the car was stolen from his house, the street, a random garage, or Winnie Harlow’s house.

Nightmare scenario for rich famous athlete and I bet the cops thought they had a huge story after running the plates and seeing Kuzma’s name on record. Not exactly an easy man to miss with his ever changing hairstyles though. One good reason to keep the bleached blonde buzz cut.

Nothing says an LA farewell for Kuzmania, Laker for Life, like a good ol carjack turned to high speed police chase. Have fun in DC!


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