Flyers Off-Season Moves Have Them As Metro Favorite…

So I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and saw this graphic pop up on my feed. I was intrigued when I saw that the Philadelphia Flyers were projected to win the Metro division based off the WAR roster builder after a few days of free agency.

Chuck Fletcher has been loved and hated by everyone this off-season for the moves that he has made so far. One day everyone loved him and wanted a statue built the next everyone wanted his head on a stick. I’ve been pretty vocal in regards to my opinions of the moves he’s made and I have liked them. Now, maybe it’s just me trying to sell myself on being back in on a Stanley Cup run, but I don’t think that’s the case. I truly do think Fletch did a great job of bolstering up the teams defense and brought in some great veteran leadership to shake up the locker room. It has been a culture change that was much needed for the Flyers and only time will tell if it works or not.

The bottom line here is that at least according to this WAR projection the moves he has made have put the Flyers as the favorite to win the Metro division.


Fuck it, I’m all the way back in baby lets goooo!!!! October can’t come soon enough I’m ready to be back at the Wells Fargo Center cheering on the boys and living and dying with every win and loss. Regardless of what you think of the moves Fletcher has made so far the Flyers will have a much different look when they take the ice this season and it’s going to be interesting one way or another.

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