Mini Woj Bomb: Celtics Evict The Kardashians

Not a big trade but a decent one I think. A lot of Celtics fans wanted to draft Kris Dunn and were upset when they went with Jaylen. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 and all. Dunn should be a decent backup guard and provide some much needed defense off the bench, especially if Smart moves to full time starter with Kemba in OKC.

You add Dunn and some guy named Bruno that I’m not familiar with (plus a pick) for Tristan Thompson. I liked TT, he didn’t perform as well as I had expected but he wasn’t as bad as a lot of fans will say he was. This move frees up roughly 3 million in cap space. Similar to the Kemba, Horford deal you arguably get better but at worse you stay the same all while getting more team friendly contracts. Between Horford, Rob, Moses, Tatum and I guess Grant theres not a lot of open minutes in the 4/5 anyway and Dunn fills a big need. Solid move but not a massive game changer.

I do wonder if this means Yam Mader, the Israeli draft and stash guy isn’t going to be joining the main roster. We shall see.

Lastly, love getting a home town guy. (Even if I’m not a big Dunn fan)

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