Carson Wentz Is Out Indefinitely

Camp just started and the former Eagles QB is hurt with a foot injury. Originally, the sense was he was out but it was nothing to worry about. That might still be true but you see out indefinitely and you raise an eyebrow.

Now I think he’s most likely fine and will start the season on time with no issues. I’m blogging this, as one of the three (maybe four?) people who work for Branded who aren’t from Philly. I have shockingly not seen anyone talk about this from the Philly based website I work for. Funny how that works. Now CEO Joe did send it in the group chat and AJ did say he’s weak mentally/physically. It is also 2PM but it’s a Friday I know you guys aren’t actually working.

Listen, all I’m saying is there is a clear bias. Which trust me I get it. BUT if Wentz threw a 70 yard bomb on a string do you think my pal Aidan wouldn’t be playing with himself on Twitter? If Wentz made a few guys miss and ran in a 20 yard TD would Joe not tweet a video with some snarky caption? You see my point.

Gotta keep these guys honest. That’s why I’m here. I’m not a hero but I won’t stop you from calling me one.

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