What To Look For In The 2021 NBA Draft

If you’ve been a fan of Branded for awhile than you might remember last season we did a livestream for the NBA Draft. We aren’t doing one this season BUT you’ll remember that Ali, Aidan and myself stayed live for almost the entire second round to watch our guy Nico Mannion get picked. That was sort of the unofficial start of our NBA podcast, Drunk Off PNR, that Aidan and I host. This weeks show we had a bit of draft talk, you can watch the two minute clip here:


Last season I did two full mock drafts breaking down these rookies and where they’ll get drafted, this season I’m just going to give a few names to keep an eye out for tonight. I’m avoiding any projected Top 10 guy so obviously no Cade, Green or Mobley but also no Mitchell and Bouknight who are two guys I’ve seen projected in the 7-15 range.

Keon Johnson – Tennessee

Keon is another guy that could go somewhere between 7-15 but I think he’ll end up going late lottery, 13-16 range. Consensus seems to be a solid college player who has been progressing very well since his season ended. In a draft that isn’t expected to be super deep a guy who is taking the next steps, on his own, after college could easily be taken sooner than he might normally get picked.

Isaiah Todd – G League Ignite

Todd is a guy who’s stock didn’t benefit from playing in the G League like Jalen Green or Kuminga but that doesn’t mean he’s a bum. He’s a big that can shoot who struggled to score which isn’t a good sign but he’s going to be picked around 25-28 and if you’re a playoff team why not take a big swing late in the first? He might not pan out but he also might be a poor mans Chris Bosh or more realistically Michael Beasley.

Ayo Dosunmo – Illinois

First off, strongest name in the draft which is saying something because there are a lot of strong names in this draft. Ayo will probably be a real late first rounder or early second but I think he might end up being a solid NBA player. Guys a decent enough defender who shot almost 40% from three and averaged 20 a night. Bringing that into a championship level roster is scary. Personally I might reach and take him around 20 but it sounds like he’s gonna go 29-33ish.

I asked the Branded group chat for some hot takes for this draft and here’s a couple.

There will be more second round picks this year that end up as good nba players than ever before

– Hot Guy James #SAVELaSalleBase

Shai gets traded

– Red Head Aidan

Love both those off rip but I didn’t even touch on potential trades in this. Unlike last year, there’s expected to be a whole lot of movement during this draft. Strap in.

Hot take: this draft class is absolute trash

Old Man CEO Joe

Cade Cunningham and then everyone else

New Jake

I’m excited for tonight even though I don’t know half these guys and the Celtics don’t have a pick.

RIP Terrence Clarke

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