Sixers Most Likely Moving Simmons Tonight

The NBA Draft is tonight and I’ll be the first to tell you I totally forgot about it until Eddie sent something in the group chat this morning. I’m not the basketball guy here by any means but I am a Philly sports guy and when it’s Sixers news and nobody else is free to blog it I’ve got no problem stepping in. 

As you can see the Sixers are fully trying to move on from Ben Simmons and it may be as soon as tonight.

We’ve seen the asking price and it’s pretty high but maybe they have a few suitors. Either way at this point I’m fine with it. I gave Ben the benefit of the doubt for way too long. The last playoff run was it for me I can’t go through another season of not seeing him shoot and being horrible at the free throw line. 

See ya later Ben don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 

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