Cole Beasley Just Dropped A Vaccine Diss Track

High on the list of jobs Cole Beasley should not pursue instead of the NFL, becoming a SoundCloud rapper is probably the worst. No one needs MORE words…but in a melodic tone…from Cole Beasley.

The Bills PR team pressed play on this with such fearful hesitation after seeing the “album” cover with steel balls. However I can imagine Josh Allen rocking out to this pregame on some Bose headphones before losing 17-3 to the Browns. I’m not sure what Cole Beasley’s job opportunities are if he does decide to quit football or gets kicked out for not following these protocols, but I can confidently say we can scratch Grammy award winning rapper off the list.

I mean, poor Kanye is sleeping at the Falcons stadium and Cole Beasley just drops this on a Thursday afternoon.

I just feel like at this point if Cole hasn’t been able to get his point across in multiple chains of tweets over the course of a month and a half, a public statement on his first day of training camp, and now a diss track, perhaps it’s not a great point he’s making.

Something pretty well known about Cole is that he definitely does not need acceptance, approval or attention. Likes to live pretty low key under the radar. Luckily for us this is Cole’s last tweet until the season ends. Maybe if you’ve been hit in the head as many times as Cole you might believe that.

Please never compare Cole Beasley and Julian Edelman ever again.


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