Rick Ross Has Over 100 Cars But Is Still Working On Getting His Drivers License

As a celebrity I definitely would not drive myself anywhere. Among the biggest perks of being rich and famous is firstly: getting a personal chef to cook delicious but healthy meals. Next on that list I would argue is having a driver. Never having to worry about where to park, getting a ticket, sitting in traffic…that’s the stuff us poor people dream about.

All that considered I would definitely still know how to drive. Sometimes the only form of therapy that works is a nice long drive, blasting some Tracy Chapman through the speakers and a McDonalds drive thru.

Rick Ross may never know such a luxury.

Imagine being the driving instructor in the passenger seat for Rick Ross’ driving test? You hop into an Aston Martin with the starlight ceiling and ask Mr. Ross to parallel park down Biscayne Boulevard? Even if he fails you gotta just pass him right?

Rick Ross considering being an organ donor is another absolutely ridiculous thought. I pray that nothing bad ever were to happen to the biggest boss but what would it be like to get the news you’re getting a heart transplant and it’s from Rick Ross? You just start eating pears and grunting at all your friends?

What I love most is Rick Ross being a car collector–literally purchasing 100s of cars–without the legal ability to drive even one of them.


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