Barstool Sports Will Sponsor The Arizona Bowl

There will be a lot more buzz surrounding Tucson’s bowl game as Barstool Sports will now be sponsoring it. Since the bowl’s creation in 2015 this is its third sponsorship. The Barstool Arizona Bowl will take place on New Years Eve featuring a clash between the champions from the MAC and Mountain West conferences.

In years past the Arizona Bowl has been broadcasted on CBS, but will now be broadcast through Barstool’s website, and social media platforms. As a person who watches every game during bowl season, I believe this will bring excitement to a contest that 92% of football fans could care less about. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there might be some controversy surrounding the game. To put it lightly, Barstool Sports has edgy content that has offended people in the past. There is no doubt that the people who loathe the company will be calling for the Arizona Bowl to change its sponsorship. I also believe the older crowd will not be too keen on going to a website to watch a football game.

There is one guarantee in this partnership though. The Barstool Arizona Bowl will be memorable.  Portnoy has stated that he doesn’t want this to just be a football game but a big event with the entire organization there to represent. If there are already talks of Dan “Big Cat” Katz being dropped out of an airplane to sing the national anthem, you know this is going to be an entertaining spectacle instead of another forgettable bowl game.


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