Punk/Bryan To Sign With AEW

I have been pretty out of touch with wrestling as of late as WWE has been god awful and my Wednesdays have been busy so I haven’t been able to keep up with AEW as much as I’d like to. 

However, if the recent rumors are true or even if at least one of them is true I may be fully jumping ship to AEW. 

Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful.com was first to report what could be the biggest story of the year.

Yes, that’s right CM Punk has been training to make a wrestling comeback. The report also stated that AEW would be the likely landing spot for Punk. This would be a huge change in the landscape of pro wrestling WWE has been so bad if AEW can bring in the guy that still gets his named chanted at events, the ride turns strongly in their favor.

The plan from what I’ve been seeing is for him to debut at All Out in September. It would make the most sense because it takes place in Chicago. I can only imagine how crazy that place is going to go if it happens, the roof may legit come off the place.

Now there have been other reports out there that Daniel Bryan has officially signed a contract with AEW and will be debuting at their show in New York on September 22nd. This would be another huge debut for AEW and will solidify them as a major player in the pro wrestling business. 

They will get a bunch of new fans to tune in and I can guarantee their numbers will soar if both of these guys end up in an AEW ring. 

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