Epic Youtube Video Trolls Michigan

Last week, Jason Cappuies posted his first video on Youtube. His video was an ode to Michigan football’s most recent blunders. The title is “Send in The Clowns – Michigan Football”. Cappuies appropriately used Frank Sinatra’s version of “Send in The Clowns” originally written for the 1973 musical “A Little Night Music”.

There are more than a few highlights in this video. Around the 2:05 mark “ole blue eyes” says “no one is there” as John O’Korn overthrows a ball at least ten yards passed his target, right in the hands of an Ohio State safety. Sinatra sings this line with a sigh, almost like he bleeds maize and blue. As Brendan Gibbons misses a 33 yard winning field goal against Penn State the lyric “don’t you love a farce” is sung so beautifully. Other games featured include App State (07), Iowa’s walk off kick (16), the “Punt Fumble” against Michigan State (15), countless clips from “The Game”, and many more.

The finest moment in this over 4 minute video is at the end. When the light-hearted, almost triumphant, music is playing in the background the Michigan players are shown celebrating their overtime win against bottom feeding Rutgers last season. It puts a “chef’s kiss” on an epic troll job at the Wolverines’ expense.

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