Jack Eichel Not Going Anywhere At The Moment

Jack Eichel may be the biggest name out there this off-season that will more than likely be traded. Rumors have been swirling for months about a possible Eichel trade and they haven’t slowed down at all. Multiple teams have expressed interest but probably none more than the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild. Both of those teams seem to be the top two teams poised to make a major play at trying to acquire the former number two overall pick.

But just how close to a deal are we really?

Well according to Rangers Insider Larry Brooks, it doesn’t appear that we are all that close to any sort of deal at the moment. The main reason why it doesn’t appear there is anything all that close is because the Rangers and the Wild have yet to request the medical records on Jack Eichel.

Now normally that might not be that huge of a deal, but when it comes to Eichel he is currently recovering from a neck injury that we aren’t really sure has been fixed yet. The asking price for Eichel isn’t going to be cheap and if you’re a team that is going to be giving up a bunch of assets to acquire him don’t you think the medical records would be a top priority?

Maybe the concern isn’t all that high for Eichel’s neck injury and maybe these GMs know a little more about it than the public. Regardless, I think the chances of Eichel getting moved this weekend are low but you can never say never. Today you’re going to see a lot of rumors out there as we get closer and closer to the draft that starts at 8pm on ESPN2. Eichel’s current team the Buffalo Sabres hold the number one overall pick and are more than likely going select Owen Power a defenseman from the University of Michigan.

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