Kendrick Perkins Said People Are Jealous Because He Looks Like a 6’10 360 Pound Morris Chestnut With So Much Charisma In A 10 Minute Screaming Match With Jalen Rose On Get Up

In one of the only bearable clips Get Up has ever produced, your favorite NBA commentators spent the morning after the Bucks won the 2021 NBA championship arguing about spray on hairlines and 80s church suits.

While not being particularly known for his prolific or accurate basketball takes, there’s no doubt that Kendrick Perkins has been willing to center himself as the butt of the joke for some notoriety in the basketball analyst universe. Also known as The Skip Bayless Approach, Perk has recently had trouble deciding on if Giannis is more of a Batman or Robin and declaring Deandre Ayton the next David Robinson.

Here is the full video so you don’t have to bother going back to your DVR pre-recording of Get Up. No one in this situation, and possibly in the entire history of the world, has been as uncomfortable as Greeny during this entire segment. But it’s just so qUiRkY!!!

A lot of allegations being spewed out that are important to review.

Perk wears 80’s pastor suits: I actually really liked this insult for morning television. Creative, preemptively planned out and you can see in Perk’s face that he should have gotten in front of that storyline months ago.

Jalen Rose: 1 Perk: 0

Jalen Rose is Mr. Spray Paint Line That’s Afraid to Let It Go: Seemingly disproved due to Jalen rubbing his head aggressively with no residue or movement. Perk cannot be shaming hair plugs while remaining one of Lebron’s media headpieces so that insult was a little risky.

Jalen Rose: 1 Perk: 0

Perk is only 10 years younger than Jalen Rose but looks 50 years older: This is kind of impressive on account of Jalen Rose. I think being a big guy puts you at a slight disadvantage because Perk has looked 45 his entire career.

Jalen Rose: 2 Perk: 0

Perk cannot help it that he has a certain “charisma and authenticy that viewers want to see” and that he looks like a 6’10 360 pound Morris Chestnut: visual evidence below to make your own assessment

Jalen Rose: 2 Perk: 1 (to have the balls to not be visually impaired and say this on air earns 1 point)

Perk started as an intern in the reporting game and worked his way up: Sounds like a shot at Addison Rae?

Jalen Rose: 2 Perk: Back to 0

There you have it folks, a very close call but Jalen Rose just slightly comes out on top of this screaming match. Perk just needs a little more time to fine tune his skills. Give him another 6-8 months and I think he has a better shot. If Skip can take Perk under his wing and start his own coaching tree we might have a new dynasty out there.


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