Six Olympian’s Sent Home From Japan After “Accidentally Qualifying.”

I love the Olympics. Especially the Summer Olympics. And, even more when the events are on at crazy times because of where the games are located.

…Even MORE, because Lacrosse is finally going to be an Olympic sport.

However, I was doing what all of us do about 17 hours a day… Scrolling through Twitter and I saw this headline:

Tokyo Olympics: Poland send six swimmers home after selecting too many by mistake

Excuse me, what?

How the hell do you select too many athletes by mistake? Does Poland just have one dude counting the number of athletes they have, and he stopped going to school in 3rd grade?

Ok, let’s say they originally made a mistake my telling people at the trials they qualified.. That sucks, but is a hell of a lot better finding out a day after that than WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY IN JAPAN!!

How? This had to have gotten passed tons of people. Don’t they have to submit the names to the Olympic Committee? Or is just like:

Poland Email to Olympic Committee:

Yo… We got 40 Polish athletes coming. See you in Japan.”


Olympic Committee: “Word.”

BBCPoland initially picked 23 athletes but had to cut that to 17 based on world governing body FINA’s qualifying rules.”

BBC “Such a situation should not take place, and the reaction of the swimmers, their emotions, the attack on the Polish Swimming Federation is understandable to me and justified.” –Polish Swimming Federation (PZP) president Pawel Slominski said.

Well no shit bro.

He also said that the error was because of the “desire” to let as many people go as possible.

What does that even mean? Well they said we can send 17, ah fuck it send 23 they will never know.

BBCOne of the six athletes Alicja Tchorz, who represented Poland at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, expressed her anger at the mistake on social media.

“Imagine dedicating five years of your life and striving for another start at the most important sporting event, giving up your private life and work, sacrificing your family and your dedication results in a total flop,” she wrote on Facebook.”

I feel so bad for these athletes I’m not even kidding. The guy who is in charge needs to be fired immediately.

15 of the Polish Swimmers have all signed a petition for that to happen also..

I will now be officially rooting for Polish swimmers this summer… Unless they are against Americans that is.


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