Seattle Kraken Mock Draft

It’s mock draft season people!! We are just a day away from the NHL Expansion Draft where we will find out the Seattle Kraken first ever roster. The Gingers will be going live during the draft on the Branded social media’s so make sure you come and join us as we find out the roster along with the rest of the hockey world.

Now, there are a ton of rumors going around as we should expect and there have been some hints as to who the Kraken may be selecting. We had a few surprises when the protection list were released and that may have changed some plans from the Kraken. It is going to be an interesting night come Wednesday and what better way to get hyped up than doing a mock draft.

Let’s get to it…

Okay so the forwards I’ve gone with my picks based on what I’ve seen on Twitter and what I think makes the most sense. One of the biggest rumors right now is the Kraken selecting Vladimir Tarasenko and then trading him. For this mock draft I went with what seems to be the leading scenario right now and that is Tarasenko being trade to the Philadelphia Flyers. So as you can see the Kraken select Tarasenko than trade him to the Flyers in return for Jake Voracek and a draft pick. Thus allowing them to select Robert Hagg from the Flyers during the draft, this seems to be the consensus as to what will likely happen Wednesday but obviously things can change.

The Kraken are going to have a lot of great options to choose from especially with teams like Nashville, Tampa, and the Islanders. I’d be shocked if they took anyone other than Duchene or Johansen from the Preds because both of those guys are locked up and would be great to help starting a franchise. As for Tampa there aren’t really any bad options but I think the best choice for them would be Yanni Gourde. He has become one of my favorite NHL players and I think he is extremely underrated. He is only 29 and has a friendly contract for what he will be able to produce.

Again it’s tough to really say who exactly they plan on taking because we also aren’t fully aware of any side deals they have made with teams. Overall though I think if this mock draft is similar to what they do, they should have a solid group of forwards for their first season.

The defense is where it got tricky for me, there’s a huge mix of young talent along with veterans that still have something to prove. I went younger for the most part on the backend because you dont want to have too many aging veterans on a team. It would be a miserable first season for the fan base if they just had a bunch of old slow moving defenseman back there.

Finally the goaltending situation got real interesting when Carey Price waived his NMC. Seattle is seriously considering selecting him and I think they should. His health is a major factor as he may need surgery but I still think it’s worth the risk. We saw what a great goaltender can do for a team when Vegas selected Marc-Andre Fleury back in 2017. Plus, they are already just about confirmed to be selecting Chris Driedger from the Panthers and he is more than capable of holding down the fort until Price is fully healthy.

So there you have my first mock draft for the Seattle Kraken, I may try to do one more before draft night but we will see what happens. Either way, the Expansion is great for the league and I am looking forward to what happens come Wednesday night.

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