Horns Down: A National Concern

The Big 12 coordinator of officials, Greg Burks, fielded questions about the use of the “horns Down” gesture that has been getting more popular over the last few years. Since the first “horns down”, that can be traced back to a Baylor fan in 1963, it has been a judgment call for officials. Now Greg Burks states that “horns down” will be a penalty if it is used. He later added that if a player were to do it to the crowd they “probably” won’t get flagged but couldn’t guarantee since officials will still be using their discretion. 

Penalizing “horns down” in the endzone is incredibly soft of the Big 12. I can understand if someone does it in the face of a Longhorn player, since that would constitute a taunting violation, but let the teams have some fun. If an opposing player does it after a score, or big play, it is equivalent to the “shh” sign in an opposing team’s stadium, and that isn’t (and shouldn’t) be a personal foul. However, even though I don’t want it to be penalized, I do think some opposing fans over use it. 

I love trolling the University of Texas as much as the next College Football fan, but I do think it is a bit “cringe” when teams/fans do “horns down” when they aren’t playing Texas. Overusing the anti-Texas gesture will only water it down, losing its effect. Don’t give that egotistical fanbase any ammunition to say they live “rent free” in your head. They have been an underachieving program since 2006, with a 100,000 seat stadium that is quieter than a library, and should be treated as such. Wait to use “horns down” during the week your team plays the Longhorns. That is the perfect way to  “Mess with Texas”.

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