The NBA Finals Has A Lot Of “Fans” Looking Dumb

The Bucks are currently up 3-2 over the Suns in the NBA Finals. So called basketball fans have spent all playoffs showing their ass and looking dumb so I shouldn’t have expected anything different. I don’t want to talk about the LOSERS who talk about ratings. One because I’m normal and don’t care about ratings and two because this has been one of the most viewed playoffs in two decades, so the rating nerds have been quiet lately. No, I want to talk about the idiots who hop on Twitter to talk about awards.

I don’t have a strong opinion of Kendrick Perkins but he’s been getting on my nerves since about the All Star break. He’s was one of the loud voices who was championing Chris Paul for league MVP. I won’t get into how asinine that is right now. He has also been saying Khris Middleton should win FMVP. How can you be so wrong so often? He’s also been talking about Giannis being the Robin to Khris’ Batman, too.

I’m not here to slander Middleton, I’m a fan. He was in my top 3 of most underrated players this season. He is not the Finals MVP. The only two guys in the running are Giannis and Booker (if the Suns win). I know these dudes saying this don’t watch the games so let me throw real basic numbers out.

Middleton has two games this series under 20 points. Giannis has two games under 30 (his worst scoring game he had 20). Middletons best shooting night he shot 52% from the field, which was his only game shooting above 50%. Giannis’ worst shooting night he shot 54%, he also has 3 games shooting over 60%. Giannis has had 4 Double Doubles, Middleton has none. Giannis’ +/- this series is a 20, Middletons +/- is -4. The team +/- is Bucks +7. So not only does Giannis average more points, rebounds and assists. He also is shooting better from the field, causing more fouls and turning the ball over much less.


There’s not even an Andre Iguodala FMVP opportunity here for Middleton. Iggy won cause he defended LeBron. Middleton won’t be winning for defending Book.

It just goes to show that just cause you see people talk about basketball on Twitter or even on TV that doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about or even watch the god damn games.

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