Phillies Interested In Trading For Starling Marte

Phillies are getting hot and now it sounds like they are buyers. Latest rumor is that they are one of three teams interested in Starling Marte.

There is also rumbles going around that he is being held in Philly. No confirmation that the rumor is true but would be an amazing addition for this team. He is battling .288 with a .387 OBP. But the most appealing part of trading for the former all star is that he is only owed roughly $5.1 million the rest of the season.

Only being 2 games out of the NL East crown, the Phillies are certainly within reach. One addition such as Starling Marte could definitely be enough to close that gap. Yes the pitching is still the main issue but outfield needs an upgrade, Marte is most definitely that.

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