Reports: Damian Lillard Has Two Teams He’d Like To Go To. And One Is Philly

There are some conflicting reports going around that Damian Lillard has asked to go to other teams but this is the report I choice to believe. Damian wants to be in Philly or New York. Honestly, makes a lot of sense. Philly is a win right now team. You put Embiid and Lillard together and you’ve got a championship contender. Look what is happening in the NBA this year. Injuries everywhere and you have the Bucks making it to the finals. Replace Ben Simmons with Lillard and the Sixers are facing off against the Suns this year no doubt in my mind.

Also New York is trying to finally get back to 80s/90s Knicks basketball. Adding Dam does that.

So we’ll see where this all shakes out but I for one am hoping that the Sixers finally go and get The Guy. We all thought a few years ago they would be in the running for LeBron, didn’t happen. We can’t keep letting opportunities pass by to get the one of the best players in the league. #DoTheDeal

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