#TheDailySteez 7/15 – I’m Going to Lollapalooza..and I’m Scared

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Song of the Day:

Playboi Carti
The Vamp man himself is highlighted today since i’ll be seeing him at Lolla. He’s had an interesting career from mumble rap pioneer to emo rap staple, but no matter what the genre is there is a certain peacefulness to Carti’s music.

Positive Quote of the Day:

Failing does not make anyone a failure, but quitting most certainly does. – Homier Moss

What Makes Today Special?

“Die Hard” was released in theaters 33 years ago today. I’ll fully admit I have never seen it but I hear it’s a great Christmas movie!


I am freaking horrified of what I am going to experience at Lollapalooza. I have never been to a festival and have only been to like two or three concerts in my life and in a few short weeks, I am going to be in the midst of one of the biggest festivals in the world.

I have ZERO clue what to expect or how a festival actually works, but I can tell you this: I WILL be interviewing people throughout the day. So get ready for some top-notch content from a bunch of people who will most likely not know where the hell they are.

If anyone has any suggestions for how I can survive Lolla, please let me know. I am begging you. Sneak peek at my festival fit below:

Lollapalooza is on schedule' for now, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says -  Chicago Tribune

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