Bryce Harper Confirmed A Die Hard Sixers Fan

Fan asked Harper the other day, does he have the Suns or the Bucks in the NBA Finals and Harper gave the answer only Sixers fans will give right now.


Bryce Harper: not a sports guy @phoenixsuns @bucks @nba #nba #nbafinals #bryceharper

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WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!! I mean, we all are probably rooting for the Suns. Even though Bridges still hurts but that’s better than watching Giannis and the Bucks lift the trophy. But the right answer is who cares. Couldn’t care less. We are on to next season and trying to fix the Sixers and Bryce Harper is right there with us. It’s not that he isn’t a sports guy. It’s that he only supports and cares for one team. That’s the 10, 9, 8s baby!! Give Harper a lifetime deal already. In fact, Sixers, sign Bryce. I firmly believe in my heart of hearts he could shoot better than 33% from the free throw line which in this city, that can get you a starting spot at point guard. I joke…..kinda.

Let’s go Phils, you’re our only hope to save summer.

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