#TheDailySteez 7/14 – MLB All-Star Recap


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Song of the Day:

Drunk (ft. 6LACK) – Schoolboy Q

Super underrated song and album. Also, 6LACK is one of the most talented artists that sit on the border of Rap/R&B.


Positive Quote of the Day:

Get busy living or get busy dying. — Stephen King

What Makes Today Special?

Seventy years ago today was the first-ever color telecast of a sporting event. Live from Oceanport, NJ, the Molly Pitcher Handicap horse race graced the screens of watchers everywhere as they experienced the wonders of colorized sports for the first time.
BackTracks: Blue Sparkler shines bright * The Racing Biz

MLB All-Star Recap

The 2021 MLB All-Star game was a MAJOR win for baseball. Riding the heels of Shohei Ohtani unbelievable ascent into global superstar, the MLB capitalized by hosting the most entertaining Home Run Derby in years and a surprisingly entertaining All-Star Game.

The rules of the HRD have finally been figured out, and the matchups were all great (besides the ridiculous seeding). Trey Mancini gave the sports world a new guy to root for and Pete Alonso showed that he demolishes baseballs for a living, and although Ohtani didn’t perform as expected he was still a must-watch.

Trey Mancini comes up short in finals of 2021 Home-Run Derby

The game itself was also extremely entertaining, mostly due to OUR guy, JT Realmuto, going yabo and making all of us Phillies fans proud. The fact we got to see Ohtani lead off AND start on the mound is something that we will be talking about for years to come, and hopefully we start to see more players give the two-way approach a try.

I obviously only covered a very small part of what happened the last few days in Colorado, but the major point is this: Baseball has its biggest audience in years. Now is the time to finally make the necessary strides to make the game more appealing to the younger generation. And I personally think that starts with democratizing highlights.

The video I put above of JT’s dinger? 99% chance it’s taken down by the time you read this. People need to see all of the amazing things that baseball’s best are doing. Let us share highlights; Let us grow the game!

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