Breaking Down The Richard Sherman Situation

So the news just broke that Richard Sherman is in trouble. Arrested for Burglary Domestic Violence.

What exactly does that mean? It means that Richard Sherman is in serious trouble. When bail is denied it’s not just because they feel like it. From a brief chat with a lawyer friend picking their brain on what exactly this all means here is what we were told.

This type of case typically means that the person entered the home not to steal but to attack. The charges indicate, in one lawyers opinion, that he entered an occupied dwelling and “attacked” a female.

Now where does the theft come in? Well as I said most cases like these it’s attack first theft second. Yes it could be that he broke in to try and steal something, the person there fight them and a fight broke out. In Richard Sherman’s case that doesn’t make a lot of sense. He’s a multi millionaire, he doesn’t need to steal anyone’s Xbox. But where theft can come into play after the “attack” is stealing of a phone. In which case you could have a situation where someone breaks into a house, a person records it, a fight happens and the phone is stolen to try and destroy evidence.

That to me feels more likely. Once again, none of this has been proven yet. This is all situational hypothetical talk about what may or may not have happened. Clearly the police are completely an investigation to get the details and see if this is a felony. A lot to come.

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