#TheDailySteez 7/13 – The Importance of “Finding Your Thing”

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Song of the Day:

Alter Ego – Tame Impala

There’s a Tame song for every mood and feeling. Undefeated.

Positive Quote of the Day:

It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack. – Germany Kent

What Makes Today Special?

The world-famous “Hollywood” sign turns 98 today. Originally constructed in 1923, the sign originally read “Hollywoodland” until 1949 when the last four letters were dropped in favor of the much sleeker-sounding Hollywood.
The History of the Hollywood Sign, From Public Nuisance to Symbol of  Stardom | KQED

The Importance of “Finding Your Thing”

Everyone has a “thing.” There is no limit to what this thing can be, and more often than not people tend to have multiple “things.” But taking a step back and looking at what your own “thing” is is an important exercise that is integral in finding oneself. Coming out of a pandemic and re-integrating into a “normal life” is no easy task, and many of us are looking for outlets to ease the stress and process of trying to feel normal again.

I’ll speak from personal experience here about my “things.” I’ll caveat my thoughts here by saying that I am an extremely self-conscious person and as I have said in previous blogs, writing is an extremely helpful outlet for me. So yes, blogging is one of my things. But I have three other “things” that are all integral in my quest to feel “normal” again:

1) Music

Music is my favorite thing on this earth. No matter what I am doing, how I am feeling, or what craziness is going on in the world, Music is there for me. Different genres, artists, playlists, etc, all there at the push of a button to help you regain equilibrium in times when things feel off. Quarantine gave me the unique opportunity to realize how much I really love music, and now I have music to turn to anytime I need it.

2) Skateboarding

Skateboarding obviously has negative connotations associated with it, but man, it really has changed my life. What started as a novelty back in February has turned into a passion for me. I start and end every single workday with a skate through Chicago and it honestly is the most freeing thing I have ever done. For me, Skateboarding is a microcosm for my desire to feel free; Skating down a street lined with skyscrapers and landmarks while gliding on asphalt is truly special. I honestly don’t know what my life would be like right now having not found skateboarding. I have had a hell-ish past 6 months and skating has been the one thing that takes my mind off of all the craziness. The only other thing that clears my mind is:

3) Working Out

I think if you were to ask anyone who knows me what my “thing” is, it would probably be working out. I started doing morning workouts my Senior year of high school at 4 AM to rehab my shoulder, and have continued to work out every morning since then. I look forward to working out before going to bed every night and I can honestly say that my skateboard sesh’s and lifts are the highlights of every single day. As douchey as that may sound, it’s the truth. I was embarrassed about how much I love it and had people in my life previously who would make me feel uncomfortable about my love of fitness, but I honestly don’t give a sh*t what anyone has to say. My workouts are my time to think and decompress.

I discuss my three “things” above to say this: DO WHATEVER THE HELL MAKES YOU HAPPYIt pains me to see so many friends and family that are eternally worried about what others think. I spent so much of my life so controlled by others, and the feeling of finally realizing that you and only you are in control of your feelings was one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

So, you have my three “things.” I challenge you to undertake the same exercise and think about the three things that make you happier than anything else. And then I urge you to add all three of those things into your daily life. It will make you happier, I promise.

I am always here for anyone that needs a friend or someone to talk to. Shoot me a DM on Instagram or Twitter (@JamesSantore) and I will do whatever I can to help.

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