Phillies Second Round Pick, Ethan Wilson @ewils5 , Clearly Wanted To Be A Phillie

Phillies drafted Ethan Wilson yesterday in the second round. Kid racks. Hit .319 with 17 bombs in his freshman year at South Alabama, here he is robbing a homer too.

Excited for any and all Phillies prospects. MLB draft is the day I sell myself that every single player drafted will be an all-star. And Ethan Wilson is no different. The kid is going to be a beast (based off no information what so ever.) What I do base my opinion off of is his twitter account. Ethan clearly had his eyes one the Phillies for some time and I’m here for it.

Bryce Harper squating a mini van and Wilson is all about the comparison. Wouldn’t mind a home grown version of Bryce Harper to hopefully play along side of him in a few years. Give me it all day.

But here is the kicker and the winner for me.

Welp I’ve seen enough. Steal of the draft. My guy is tossing up the prayer hands in hopes of being drafted by Philadelphia. Lets. Fucking. Go. Even if this kid is a bust, which will never happen. He’s already more of a fan favorite than guys like Adam Eaton and Papelbon. So what I’m saying is get the Wall of Fame ready. Ethan Wilson has arrived.

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