Vince Velasquez Gets Into It With A Phillies Fan. Calls Him A ‘Fat Ass’

Laugh out loud funny video here. What lead up to this was Vinny was walking on to the bus and the fan said “learn how to pitch.” That prompted. Velasquez to come back out and get into a verbal exchange with the fan.

My first thoughts. Good. Fuck that fan. Glad he stood up for himself and in the process called him a fat ass probably in front of his wife. Also fat ass is such an amazing clap back. “Like to see you fat ass do it.” Just chef’s kiss perfect.

Now with that being said. Velasquez does suck balls. That is just a fact. I think a starter role just isn’t for him. With how bad the bullpen is I’d love to see him come out of there instead. I think he’s have much more respect. But as a starter, he just doesn’t have it. The experiment has gone on way too long. Time to pull the plug and move on.

This video though, is Phillies baseball 101 right now. We suck on the field. There is tension running high everywhere and on of our starters is calling fans fat. Love my city.

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