Nick Sirianni Reminds Me Of A Certain Super Bowl Winning Head Coach. Guess Who?

We’re getting closer and closer to training camp, and more and more videos of head coach Nick Sirianni is going to come out. I’m an eagles content junkie so I’ve seen them all, and can’t help but get this feeling of dejavu. I feel like I’ve seen a coach like this before in the NFL.

The passion and juice this guy injects into his job is inspiring. The knowledge of football he feeds to his team is encouraging. Another coach is like this in the NFL and it’s Pete Carroll.

I just can’t help but get Pete Carroll vibes when I see how fired up he gets when he’s coaching. The passion that he has for his players is extremely similar to Sirianni and I love it. Those are the type of coaches players want to run through a wall for, and that’s when you get the best out of your players.

Yes, it may be premature to compare Sirianni to Caroll, but guess what, I don’t care. I’m a first impression guy and everything I have seen and have heard thus far screams Pete Caroll and if that turns out to be the case, the Eagles have found themselves a good one.

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