I Have No Idea How Cops Were Tipped Off That James Harden And Lil Baby Had A Ton Of Weed On Them

We’ve all been there at some point in life. High as balls, confronted with a large crowd or overwhelming social experience, paralyzed in fear that every single person is staring at you thinking “wow, that guy is extremely high right now, we should report this to the police and have them sentenced to 3-5 years behind bars and also look at that stupid weird face he was making.”

But no one at any point in time has ever been as high as James Harden and Lil Baby were coming out of a hotel in Paris swarmed by French paparazzi.

It’s clear that James and Lil were not expecting the crowd that met them at the door of this hotel. This 30 seconds must have felt like 30 minutes for these two to figure out how they are going to get through this obstacle. Thinking about it now, they should honestly design an escape room experience for high people, where you perform basic tasks like remembering to shut the oven off after cooking and ordering a meal at a restaurant.

Usually you try to convince yourself that you’re probably acting totally normal, no one even notices that you’re currently vacationing on Mars.

To be fair imagine being high as fuck, 7′ tall, trying to blend in, and then looking over and seeing a man wearing designer Crocs and a full facemask? Someone probably had to tell them the next day that was Kanye.

I have no idea what might have tipped the cops off, but later Harden and Mr. Baby were mysteriously detained by police after 20 grams of weed was found in their car. Lil Baby was reportedly arrested while James Harden was immediately released and it only makes sense for the rapper to take the fall for something like this. Not that anyone anywhere should be arrested for weed, let alone 20 grams, but that’s going to be a fire bar on Lil Baby’s next album, not so great for the Nets. What if rappers had a league that could suspend them or fine them for like uniform violations? Soulja Boy would for sure be the players rep.

This all brings me to the question, what exactly are James Harden and Lil Baby up to? They’ve been together consistently, like this video was taken on the 4th. Do guys spend this much time together? They on a boys trip to Fashion Week? The Lil Baby James Harden relationship is blossoming and Russell Westbrook has to be so jealous.


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