Flyers Shopping Voracek

Well it looks like Chuck Fletcher has finally woken up and is working on getting the Flyers off-season started. 

I can’t say I would love this move because I love Voracek. I think he gets an unfair amount of criticism from the fan base and he has been a big part of this Flyers team for the last 10 years. If the Flyers do move him to free up call space then the signing or move they make after better be worth it. 

As you can see from the audio clip, it appears that the Flyers are working with the newest NHL team the Seattle Kraken to move some salary. 

One of the names coming up is Jake Voracek. It shouldn’t be a surprise as Jake has one of the biggest cap hits on the team and for a team that needs to make some drastic changes Voracek could be the odd man out. 

Like I said Voracek doesn’t get enough credit from the fan base and Its a damn shame. Jake is a class act on and off the ice and from people I’ve talked to you won’t find a guy that cares more about giving back then Jake Voracek. If this is the end of his tenure in Philly I for one appreciate everything Jake has done for this team and it’s a shame the proper pieces weren’t brought into to help him and this team win a Stanley Cup. 


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