Halsey Announces Her New Album While Reminding Us She’s The Baddest

If you don’t already know I, like the rest of you, am obsessed with Halsey. She’s a great artist yes but she’s also the only women I’ll ever love. Unless Vanessa Hudgens or Rihanna are reading this.

Halsey, the Co-chairwoman of the Bad Bitch Committee announced on Instagram today that her new album is coming out in August. Awesome we love to hear it. The way she told us though… buddy.

I can’t describe it I’ll just show you. You’re welcome.


In case Instagram does some bullshit I got you with screenshots.

Fantastic message all that and the music oh we can’t wait. Listen. I know that you know that I know why you clicked on this blog. This is a wild picture/album cover and her bringing the tits out for the boys (and girls) is the least wild thing about it. I think the baby is probably the wildest. Baby is just chillin, unaware they’re being held by a topless goddess.

I don’t think that’s her baby so hiring a baby makes this really funny to me. Like, paperwork had to be signed by multiple people for this to happen.

I showed the Branded group chat this fantastic picture and there are bonks for everyone.

You get a bonk and you get a bonk, EVERYONE GETS BONKED.

If you’re reading this you for sure get bonked.

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