BREAKING:Tarasenko Wants Out

Yeah lets just casually drop this bombshell as game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final is going on…Thanks Jeremy.

This is pretty big news as just a few years removed from winning the Stanley Cup, a big part of the St. Louis Blues has requested a trade. While recently Tarasenko has been plagued with injuries, he is still an impact player and could be a big piece to a team looking to contend.

As a Flyers fan, I would absolutely love him in the Orange and Black but i’m realistic and I just don’t see a way that its possible. But for the love of god Chuck Fletcher pick up the damn phone and try and work some magic.

With the NHL season coming to an end possibly as early as tonight(Its 1-0 Tampa as of this writing) things on the trade front are going to start to pick up. We are just a few weeks away from the expansion draft and the entry draft and you just know teams are going to be very active. I’m sure teams are already making calls to the Blues to try and see the price on Tarasenko and we could see a deal sooner rather than later.

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